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How I Assist

I offer fertility support services personalized for each client. If you are searching for a more holistic approach, I will guide you on how to track your cycle using the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM).

Expecting Couple


Fertility doula support will fit your needs if you are

  • family planning/Trying to conceive

  • dealing with fertility complications (fibroids, PCOS, etc)

  • want to have a baby but dont know where to start

  • looking for a more holistic approach

  • in need of emotional support and encouragement

  • need help researching fertility options

  • interested in herbal teas or diet changes

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Lesbian Couple


Unlimited Text or Email

  • If you have any questions or concerns, or just feel like venting, I am just a text or email away.  I like you to know you are never alone throughout this journey

Make a Plan

  • I'll assist you in identifying your goals and desired outcomes.  Together, we can create a plan toward fulfilling your journey to parenthood.

Become Aware

  • We will work together to breakdown your lifestyle practices and come up with a plan to implement changes to support a healthy pregnancy.  We will work together to help you reconnect with your womb and heal.

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Happy Family


  1. Initial consultation to discuss your current situation and goals (30-60 mins)

  2. Sessions will include reviewing options and guiding you on making the best decision

  3. Monthly video chats on progress (30 mins)

Investment Pricing​​

  • 12 week session= $950

*4 week add on (after initial 12 weeks)= $350

*8 week add on (after initial 12 weeks)= $650

Fertility Egg Freezing


* Fertility Health Assessment 

*Cycle Tracking Using Fertility Awareness Method

*Fertility Nutrition and Fitness Education 

*Complimentary Fertility Herbal Tea/Products 

*Unlimited Phone/Email/Text Support

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